The concept behind the "Titanic" EP, which is the follow up to the "Tip of the Iceberg" EP is drawn from the idea of my obstacles being represented by a huge ship (The Titanic) and myself still being the "Iceberg" that my listeners only saw a fraction of in the last EP. Therefore, I would be breaking down and conquering my obstacles and struggles. My struggle with the music industry. The struggle to create my sound. The struggle to find others who understand my sound. The struggle to fund my own projects. The struggle to build a following. The struggle to deal with the hardships in my personal life. All of the things that got the best of me during the release of my last project and the creation of my current project.


     Historically the Iceberg caused the Titanic to sink. In my EP the Titanic wouldn't sink, but the walls would be broken down between myself and the Titanic so that I could better understand the Titanic (My obstacles and struggles). In the end, I realize that my obstacles weren't as hard to conquer as they may have seemed before and that one's problems and battles in life are only as big as we make them.


       On the surface, The Titanic in my title track is largely represented by a lover, who I'm learning to understand and no longer fear loving. Underneath it represents the music industry that I've fought to be a part of, but always feel snubbed by. Most profoundly, it represents my relationship with God that I've struggled to maintain and understand.